Ocular October: Cookbook Part 3!

And the month of malevolent mastication ends with this final entry! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween, and what better way to celebrate the treats of the season than reading through the dolorous delectables below? I can say that many of these recipes are based on very real and edible dishes from […]

Ocular October: Cookbook Pt 2!

We’re halfway through Spooktober, and that means another avalanche of content!I’ll do another for the grand finale, but here’s a big bunch of awful aberration recipes for your resident preparer of repasts.

Ocular October 5: Kin & Cuisine!

Hey folks, and welcome to another Ocular October with yours truly, the Die Tyrant! This year I’m branching out into other aspects of beholder content…and cuisine! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of adventurers out in the wilderness, making do with what they find, and the few official rules we have to go along with that, […]

Ocular October 4: The Story of the First Beholder!

Hello all! And welcome. If you’re reading for the first time, know that every year I do something on this blog called Ocular October – a celebration of all that is the Beholder, my favorite D&D monster, and all sorts of brainstorming for DMs about things related to them – magic items, enemies, NPCs, diseases, […]

Ocular October: SEASON 3!

Welcome, anyone still reading this blog! (Or who comes to visit later.) Continuing the tradition of Ocular October, I’ll be making beholder-themed additions post-by-post over the entire month! This year, every few days I plan to feature a unique beholder, to be used as villains, NPCs, maybe even allies! An eye tyrant Rogues’ Gallery if […]