Ocular October 4: The Story of the First Beholder!

Hello all! And welcome. If you’re reading for the first time, know that every year I do something on this blog called Ocular October – a celebration of all that is the Beholder, my favorite D&D monster, and all sorts of brainstorming for DMs about things related to them – magic items, enemies, NPCs, diseases, […]

Ocular October: SEASON 3!

Welcome, anyone still reading this blog! (Or who comes to visit later.) Continuing the tradition of Ocular October, I’ll be making beholder-themed additions post-by-post over the entire month! This year, every few days I plan to feature a unique beholder, to be used as villains, NPCs, maybe even allies! An eye tyrant Rogues’ Gallery if […]

Ocular October, Final Entry: The Beholder Mage!

Another Beholderween come and gone, and I’ve saved the best for last – one of my favorite (and nastiest) creations from editions past. The Beholder Mage! In previous editions, beholder magi were absolutely terrifying for their ability to cast nearly a dozen spells a round of varying levels as fast as a mortal mage could […]

Ocular October: Alternate Eye Rays!

While Volo’s Guide has some excellent tips on switching out eye rays for various spell effects, I didn’t think it went quite far enough to express the versatility and fun of making “alternate beholders”. Here is a smattering of new sights for your favorite eye tyrant to employ! I particularly like grabbing a few and […]