Ocular October, Final Entry: The Beholder Mage!

Another Beholderween come and gone, and I’ve saved the best for last – one of my favorite (and nastiest) creations from editions past. The Beholder Mage! In previous editions, beholder magi were absolutely terrifying for their ability to cast nearly a dozen spells a round of varying levels as fast as a mortal mage could […]

Ocular October: Alternate Eye Rays!

While Volo’s Guide has some excellent tips on switching out eye rays for various spell effects, I didn’t think it went quite far enough to express the versatility and fun of making “alternate beholders”. Here is a smattering of new sights for your favorite eye tyrant to employ! I particularly like grabbing a few and […]

Ocular October: The Ol’ Wandering Eye!

Beholders are CR 13, and one of the most iconic monsters in D&D – they’re a powerful foe, a match for many mid-level parties, and narratively speaking, power players. Any eye tyrant in an area tends to have some measure of control over their surroundings, be it through thralls, cultists, the weaving of its many […]

Ocular October: DOUBLE-VISION!

Hi folks! Yes, it’s been a whole year since my last stint on this blog, where I celebrated my favorite month, monster, and holiday with new spooky Beholder content for every day in October. And I’m doing it again! But in a more manageable way this time. Rather than every day like clockwork (hardly befitting […]

Ocular October: The Great Mother

It’s the final night of my Ocular Octoberfest – and Happy Halloween to everyone still following! But really, how could an entire month bloated with beholder brainstorming be complete…without the gibbering god of the beholders herself, The Great Mother. The Great Mother is the creator and racial deity of beholders in previous editions of D&D. […]