Ocular October: The Pie Tyrant!

Just in time for Halloween, I give you – the Pie Tyrant! My second to last entry for this project, the Pie Tyrant turns the silly meter up pretty high – but hopefully DMs who wish to give their players a little festive surprise this month will enjoy it! Considering themselves members of the upper […]

Ocular October: The DIY Tyrant!

Woof, I stayed up way too late making this one! I hope anyone who comes here enjoys it – as a special request from a friend, I wanted to do it up right. So here goes – the DIY Tyrant, a Cacodemonic Carpenter* for all of your “table saw TPK” needs! Kill your party in […]

Ocular October: A Trio of Beholder Items!

It’s time for another weekend catch-up! Here are a series of items that beholders may fashion and use for themselves. The Ring of Darkness Deferred is a favorite of every tactically-paranoid beholder, as the one thing they value above all is their sight, their ability to collect knowledge rapidly (and vaporize threats with their deadly […]

Ocular October: The Iron Eye!

Getting tired of all those massive beholder-ish stat blocks? How about something fairly simple to run, yet devastating? Well here’s a literal engine of destruction for you Disintegrate lovers, courtesy of the least morally-minded Cannith artificers you’ve ever seen: the Iron Eye.