Upcoming Projects

I’ve been meaning to get this blog off the ground with a bevy of new posts, but I’ve been swamped with work (both the making-rent kind and creating things for DM’s Guild kind). So! I can at least get things moving by posting what I’ve been working on and other upcoming ideas.

First, check out my first ever DM’s Guild product, Cogs in the Great Machine! It details much about the modrons (like their higher CR masters, the hierarchs), Mechanus, and also includes a new warlock patron and player race, the Rogue Modron!

I am currently working on my next DM’s Guild submission, an even more ambitious supplement called Code Duello. It includes rules and fluff for duels, contests, and competitions for every class, including both new mechanics and suggestions on adding flair to existing ones, as well as some extra player options at the end. There are interesting rules for martial duels, special “arena” mageduels, summoner-like eidolon fights, shapeshifting druid duels and circle challenges, rules for more mundane feats like caber tossing, archery, wrestling, and drinking, a Great Hunt for rangers, tests of faith and summoning avatars for divine characters, delving into the seedy underbelly of the Big Job (when another thief tests your mettle), wars with words over long distances (good for downtime), unique rites for each of the warlock’s main patrons (when they meet each other), ideas for enhancing all of the above for high level play, and more!

Still on the drawing board, we have:

  • A monster modification chart: ways to add difficulty and variety to monsters by adding vulnerabilities, resistances, unique powers, etc.
  • Funky spell permutations like psychic poisons, teleport and scrying interference, feedback, long-distance counters, etc.
  • A return to my Prestige Feats to really flesh them out and publish a bunch of older prestige classes in the form of feats that boil them down to their most basic (and fun) concepts.
  • A list of resistances/immunities for monsters in ALL the books (there exists a resource for the MM, but I mean Volo’s, Mordy’s, and an optional one for the Tome of Beasts, a very popular third-party book), including not just all of their defenses but tabulating them by “commonality” in a standard campaign. This is more of an online resource for people to use when determining how good a particular damage type is, and I’ll probably put it up here or on reddit when it’s finished.
  • The Art of War: a look at military action in a high magic fantasy world – how things would change in a somewhat realistic fashion (less mounted cavalry charges and phalanxes, more trench warfare and powerful battlefield spells cast by a bunch of casters in unison).
  • In October, I hope to do a full Beholder Month, posting a new beholder or beholder-related monster every day with all sorts of wacky mechanics! Beholders warp reality with their very dreams after all – what does an especially creative and crazy one come up with?
  • Finally, I’m always hoping I’ll find the time to work up and publish my campaign settings: Dungeonsmash! (a very focused romp through a many-layered megadungeon with a ridiculous ecology), Land’s End (the world’s already been shattered once – by your own reincarnated souls; how do you fix what your own ancient heroes and villains have broken?), and my latest, Wizard City (working title – urban fantasy in the only city left on earth, with the PCs as glorified C.O.P.S. – investigate crimes both magical and mundane in a city where weirdness is just around the corner, serve law and order (or make it serve you!) while still getting your occasional murderhobo on!)

So there you go! That’s the idea anyway – here’s hoping I can keep this train a-runnin’!

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