Ocular October: The Shadow Trap Beholder, and a call for requests!

The template’s still a bit of a mess (not nearly as elegant as I’d hoped – mixing versatile mechanics with simple ones is so tricky!) But this shadowy surprise ought to make your players’ blood run cold! The Shadow Trap Beholder is a way to introduce a true beholder’s worth of terror at much lower level – and with the added fun of PCs feeling themselves slowly weaken under its gaze, striking at them from their own shadows!

Yet all is not lost – if your players are creative enough, they could potentially kill this beastie without a single swing of the blade. They just need to be especially bright about it…

Speaking of light bulbs over heads – I could use your help! I’m over halfway into Ocular October and I would love to hear some requests or ideas on new things to create! Let’s put our floating brains together and make sure I have no shortage of aberrant inspiration, eh? What would you like to see me make for Ocular October?

Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Ocular October: The Shadow Trap Beholder, and a call for requests!

  1. So, three requests.

    Firstly, if you can write up Gas Spores for 5e, that would be very cool. They haven’t had an inclusion since Lords of Madness.

    Secondly, would love to hear about how Beholders keep ending up on the prime material plane. Is there some astrological convergence that allows them to cross dimensions? Are they summoned by overly ambitious mad wizards who immediately regret their extra-planar experimentations? Or do they come crashing down like sentient meteors, before crawling out of craters and wandering off into the world?

    Finally, any kind of plot hook or one-shot you could provide that could introduce a Beholder would be handy. How would I include a Beholder as a random encounter? How would I work one into an ongoing campaign or build a campaign around one?


    1. Good stuff Zif!

      – Gas Spores are actually in the 5e Monster Manual! Page 137-138, under the fungi. I tend to avoid stepping on the toes of official material, but if that version is missing anything important in your opinion let me know and I can try to incorporate it into something in the future!

      – That is a good one! The origins of beholders have always been sort of shrouded in mystery – even the Great Mother’s origins (back when she was the god and progenitor of all beholders, before 4e) were rarely mentioned. Beholder reproduction has been pretty well-covered, but not how they get there in the first place! I’ll have to think on that. With their new status as “warp reality with their dreams” in 5e, the possibilities are truly endless.

      – I’d love to! A list of plot hooks would probably be easier than a full adventure or somesuch for Ocular October, but I’ll see what I can whip up.


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