Ocular October: A Trio of Beholder Items!

It’s time for another weekend catch-up! Here are a series of items that beholders may fashion and use for themselves. The Ring of Darkness Deferred is a favorite of every tactically-paranoid beholder, as the one thing they value above all is their sight, their ability to collect knowledge rapidly (and vaporize threats with their deadly rays). The Eyedozer Armor and Beholder Mouthpick are items taken from one of my favorite 2nd edition books, “I, Tyrant” – made slightly less ridiculous to fit 5e’s design philosophy better (but, only slightly). These can also be used by adventurers brave or crazy enough to retrieve them from their beholder owners (though in the case of the Mouthpick, you’d better be something like a Polymorphed-Tyrannosaurus first!)




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