Ocular October: The Epic Level Beholder Hive of Orbonne!

Well well! Last weekend I held a Halloween party, so I have quite a few days to make up for don’t I?

Considering the pages of my previous entries, I hope this multi-page writeup of an extreme high level threat is good enough! One of my favorite parts for this month: an entire city of beholders in a floating mountain fashioned to look like them! Check out their terrifying DOOM Engine, and enjoy the writeups of each “copy” of the original beholder elder orb, Orbok, and how they diverged in personality and appearance over time.

This can be a threat you save till the very end of your campaign, a massive city-destroying, planes-hopping threat bent on getting something the PCs have…or you could sow the seeds of its arrival from day one, having your PCs work their way up through more and more powerful minions, some Cornea beholders, and even an Iris member or two, until right around the highest tier, BAM! It’s a mountain full of beholders…now what?




One thought on “Ocular October: The Epic Level Beholder Hive of Orbonne!

  1. When does the “Orbonne To Run: Surviving Death Mountain” module get released, Mike?

    Also, the sequel “Orbonne Again: Return of Death Mountain” and the prequel “Orbonne Yesterday: Death Mountain Origins”?


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