Resistances, Immunities, and Conditions

Well well! Here I was plugging away on this project and someone had the same idea and beat me to the punch!

RocksInMyDryer did a great job on this, so I may as well move on to other things for now. I may revisit my own version eventually, as I had much more planned – I’d already begun recording the offensive damage and condition types for monsters in Volo’s and Mordy’s, and I was working on a “weight” system to determine (with some inevitable bias) how likely each monster was to show up in a “standard” campaign, and weigh the various resistances/etc. a bit more realistically that way.

But for now, this guy deserves some mad credit for giving us monkeywrenchers some fun stats to look at when brewing up new monsters, spells, creating caster PCs, and so on!

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