Ocular October Begins Now!

Hello folks!

I’m not too proud to admit that life cropped up and has made me too busy to update here. But regardless of complications, regardless of my schedule, and regardless of my lack of viewers…I’m a man of my word.

This month, I hope to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween, with an entire Month of Beholders! Each day I will post a new, homebrewed, beholder-esque idea. Magic items, monsters, traps, and more designed as an homage to my namesake, that schizophrenic spectator, that eleven-eyed abomination, the Eye Tyrant.

I also plan to delve deeper into the lore behind beholders and my love of them: the 2e book “I, Tyrant” that first inspired me, their use in various editions, and what potential they have now as mad beings of such magical power that they can warp reality with their own dreams.


So here goes number one: The Mirror of Beholding! In the old 2e sourcebook “I, Tyrant”, one of the strangest magic items were enchanted mirrors which when properly placed (and who better to get the dimensions right than a genius narcissist, eh?), did far more than show you how good your drool-caked carapace was looking that day. No, these mirrors were specially enchanted to reflect a beholder’s eye rays! In a lair they could even be placed in sequence, so the beholder could hit adventurers foolhardy enough to enter its domain from around corners, far out of sight and spell. Nasty!

Of course, it’s no fun if the PCs don’t get to participate as well (if they survive), so I present the two versions here!

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